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CPG Bulk - A Division of ContainerPort Group

Bulk Liquid Transportation Solutions: CPG BULK

Safe, Reliable and On-Time Bulk Shipping Services

CPG Bulk, a division of ContainerPort Group, provides logistics solutions for all of your liquid bulk cargo needs – including chemical and food-grade transportation. Equipped with our modern, lightweight fleet of trucks and chassis, CPG Bulk delivers reliable, on-time bulk transportation services.

Since its founding in 1971, ContainerPort Group has been serving America's Heartland, global gateways and vital transportation corridors with intermodal container solutions. In 2017, ContainerPort Group formed CPG Bulk, specifically tailored to handle its customers’ growing bulk liquid transportation needs. With our fleet of independent contract drivers and a network of intermodal experts, CPG Bulk is committed to offering top of the line logistics service with safety and performance in mind. CPG Bulk is an approved carrier for hazardous materials and tanks and is DOT compliant.

Modern, Lightweight Equipment: We use the Lightest Trucks and Chassis Available

Max out volume where it counts – Your Payload

Our fleet of modern, lightweight trucks and chassis, including tilt mechanisms, gives us the ability to maximize payload volume while remaining under legal weight limits as much as possible. You can depend on our lightest truck and chassis combination to move your product at the lowest cost per ton.

Reliable, On-Time Pick Up and Delivery

CPG Bulk is committed to being on time, every time

We understand how valuable your time is. With loading racks being booked weeks in advance, it is imperative that you choose a carrier who shows up when they are scheduled, or else you risk losing in efficiencies. At CPG Bulk, we are dedicated to consistently providing responsive, timely service that you can rely on.

Nationwide Capacity: With terminals throughout the US, CPG has you covered

Whether you’re in the North or South Atlantic, the Great Lakes, Midwest, or Ohio Valley, or even down in the Gulf Region, we are ready to roll.

About Us:

  • New, lightweight tank chassis with tilt kit
  • Certified HazMat Order Processing Center
  • Cutting Edge IT and infrastructure – fast and reliable response
    • Full EDI capabilities
  • Approved carriers for hazardous products and tank endorsed drivers
  • Driver training program for ISOs
  • Trucks completely equipped with fittings for loading/discharging, including Nomex suits
  • ELD logging for safe transport – DOT and TWIC compliant
  • Authorized for all 48 contiguous states and Canada
  • Competitive rate structure
  • Fully Insured

Our Services:

  • Long-Haul
  • Regional/Short-Haul
  • Intermodal
  • Cross-Border (Canada)
  • Chemical Transportation
  • Food-Grade Tank Transportation
  • Loaded Tank Storage

Our Equipment:

  • Chassis – Tilt, Spread, Double Drop, 8pin, and more
  • Liquid Containers – ISO Tanks, FlexiTanks, IBCs, and more
  • Trucks – Local Day Cabs, Tankers & Longhaul

Our Certifications & Memberships:

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Want to Drive for CPG?

We’re currently looking for Independent Contractor Drivers for our CPG Bulk Division.  HAZMAT certified and tank endorsed drivers, please apply today!

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