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6 Essential Things You Need to Know About Intermodal Shipping

March 6, 2017

6 Essential Things You Need to Know About Intermodal Shipping

Since our founding in 1971, ContainerPort Group has been providing companies across a wide spectrum of industries with transportation and supply chain solutions.

We are adept at assisting your company with any arising intermodal freight shipping need, all with a reputation for precision and safety. To learn more about this service and determine if it’s right for your business, read on.

We’ll define what intermodal shipping is, why it’s a preferred method of transportation and how ContainerPort Group stands out from other drayage companies.

1. What is Intermodal Shipping?

Generally speaking, intermodal shipping is the process of moving various types of cargo while utilizing more than one method of transportation. The most common combination of this type of shipping is via truck and rail.

Intermodal freight shipping is an appealing process for businesses shipping to various locations, both domestically and internationally, because it lessens the amount of handling performed with the cargo during the trip and can bring with it reduced costs.

A typical import shipping process entails:

  1. After arriving from overseas, containerized cargo is moved from a container port to a rail yard for shipment inland.
  1. Once the cargo has been moved onto the rail, it’s then transported to its desired location, usually several hundred miles inland.
  1. Once the rail has arrived at the inland location, the cargo is then placed on a truck to be taken to its final destination as based upon the original order.

2. Intermodal Shipping Can Be a Flexible Process

Although intermodal shipping is an established procedure that corporations have been utilizing for decades, some aspects will be different for each company.

This is because of a variety of factors, such as:

  • The location of the company
  • The location of the shipping destination
  • The material being shipped
  • Applicable time restrictions or specifications

When companies come to us with their varying shipping requirements, ContainerPort Group is here to help. We’ll work with you and figure out the best intermodal freight shipping manner for your company and circumstances.

3. A Preferred, Cost-efficient Transportation Method

In addition to being a process that is catered to your unique circumstances, intermodal shipping is also one of the most cost-efficient shipping methods available.

Given that multiple transportation methods are used in this process, intermodal is frequently-used for long distance shipping. When cargo is moved via rail transportation instead of trucking, less fuel per TEU (twenty foot-equivalent unit) is used, meaning long-distance rates are significantly less expensive.

For potential customers looking to ship their materials on longer trips, intermodal shipping will be the most cost-efficient method to use, compared to only over-the-road transportation.

4. A Reliable and Secure Service for Long Distances

One of the most persuasive aspects of intermodal freight shipping is that it is a safer and more secure service for shipping than some alternatives.

This assurance can be measured through the following shipping procedures:

  • Intermodal transportation often eliminates handling of the freight itself
  • Less handling can account for a reduction in material damages/losses
  • Intermodal shipping lets drivers handle more loads in a shorter time period
  • Increased security seen at terminals, railroad tracks and ramps prevents theft

Security is a high priority for the employees and independent contractor drivers here at ContainerPort Group. We are proud of our safety record and policies in place to ensure safe transport of your cargo.

5. Intermodal Freight Shipping Is Eco-friendly

Another appealing factor for customers looking to use intermodal shipping companies is that the process of intermodal shipping is eco-friendly.

  • Using a train to transport materials across the country can be more efficient than driving it the same distance via truck. In fact, rail intermodal shipping can move one ton of freight nearly 450 miles on a single gallon of fuel.
  • Being fuel-efficient as you travel coast to coast also deposits less greenhouse gas and carbon pollution into the air, making the process a very sustainable shipping solution.

6. How ContainerPort Group Stands Out from Other Intermodal Shipping Companies

ContainerPort Group’s flexibility, cost-efficiency, security, and sustainability makes us a leading intermodal shipping company. Yet another factor that makes us stand out from others, however, is our overall experience levels.

  • Our company has proudly been in business for over 45 years, and during that time, we’ve grown as a company that delivers strategic and efficient shipping solutions.
  • In addition to our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, CPG has expanded to more than 18 locations across the country in the East Coast, Southeast, Midwest and Great Lakes regions. No matter where you’re shipping goods, we’ll be able to help.

We are proud of our range of services and levels of customer satisfaction. We’re not afraid to brag about the awards we receive from our customers!

Reach Out to Our Team for More Information Today!

Regardless of where your company is located, what you’re planning to ship, and which methods of intermodal shipping you’re interested in using, our team of leaders will work with you every step of the way.

Our priorities revolve around efficient customer service and transportation, and we’re proud to have served the shipping industry since 1971.

To learn more information about our company, various intermodal shipping methods, or to speak with a representative, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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