Agent Opportunities

Agent Opportunities

Get the tools you need to be a successful agent—including competitive commissions, access to reliable and always-available freight, fast growth opportunities and all the benefits of working with an industry leader.

Our Agent Brands include Middle Bay Transportation and Bristol Transportation and require agents to have:

  • One year of experience as a verified agent running under contract with another agency.
  • Minimum of two years in operations from a verified transportation company.
  • Minimum of 12 trucks to start, with a projected growth plan or 10 years of verifiable experience as a terminal manager with operational experience, a truck and customer following.

As a people-first company, our agents are part of our CPG family and essential to our operations. We know trucking, and our reputation as an industry-leading drayage provider is the perfect place for motivated owner-operators looking to expand their business.

Apply to be an agent with us and receive competitive commissions, reliable freight and ample opportunities to grow (and grow fast). Fill out the form below to get started.