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ContainerPort Group to Celebrate Milestone 45th Year in Intermodal Operation

September 13, 2016

CLEVELAND, OH – September 12, 2016 – ContainerPort Group, Inc. (CPG) will celebrate its 45th anniversary in October, having been founded in October of 1971 as the container trucking and depot division of World Shipping, Inc.

“This anniversary is a point of pride – not only for CPG, but for our industry,” says President Russel A. Graef, the company’s founding member.  “Our intent, from the start, was to provide nimble and responsive containerized solutions to our Ohio Valley customers.  Rapidly our concept took off to include points in the Midwest and the North Atlantic. Our company’s ability to stand the test of time is proof-point to the fact that we have been successful in doing so.”

When asked why he feels CPG has seen such longevity, Graef says, “One of the greatest keys to our success is to always operate as a national company run by local talent. This unique culture, I believe, will sustain us for many years to come.”

For the past forty -five years CPG has built a comprehensive intermodal network of terminals and container depot facilities in major U.S markets throughout the Midwest, Ohio Valley, North Atlantic and South Atlantic regions.  CPG provides its customers with advanced information technology within its transportation and depot platforms in order to maintain an intermodal system that guarantees efficient and effective service delivery.

“From the time ContainerPort Group started operations our focus has been, and continues to be, on providing solutions for our valued customers. The international shipping sector is constantly evolving and for ContainerPort Group to remain the consummate service provider we need to remain ahead of the changes. Developing a true collaboration with our valued customers is at the core of what we do,” says Jim Kramer, Senior Vice President, Commercial. “Whether by investing in transportation or depot operations or technology, modernizing equipment or strongly committing to hiring the industry’s top talent, we always look to offer best-in-class services to customers. Our goal is to be their single call, their constant partner in their supply network,” says Kramer.

As the international shipping industry continues to evolve, CPG is well positioned to meet and exceed the service expectations of our customers who have and continue to support our growth for the next 45 years!


Success metrics include:

  • 200,000+ container deliveries annually
  • 300 experienced intermodal experts on staff
  • 19 locations in 18 markets (including 10 container depots)
  • A fleet of 650+ independent contractor drivers

A full timeline of CPG’s history is available here.

Download CPG's 4-page Anniversary Insert from the October 2017 Journal of Commerce

About ContainerPort Group

ContainerPort Group, Inc. headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading provider of services to the container shipping industry and is celebrating its 45th year of operation.  CPG provides both motor carrier services and terminal services (depot, CY, equipment maintenance) to ocean carriers, beneficial cargo owners, shippers/receivers, railroads and freight intermediaries with concentration on international cargoes.  CPG operates facilities and terminals in 18 distinct geographic markets throughout the Midwest, Ohio Valley, Northeast and Southeast regions.



Jim Kramer, Senior Vice President, Commercial
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