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Maintenance & Repairs

From minor adjustments to major repairs, ContainerPort Group can handle your M&R needs. Our experienced staff and professional mechanics know how to properly repair your equipment to your exacting requirements. We know the importance of having your equipment available for its next booking. From inspection to repair, ContainerPort Group delivers quality you can count on. We serve the ocean carriers, domestic carriers and neutral chassis pools.

Container, Chassis and Trailer Maintenance and Repair

  • Repair estimates based on thorough gate inspections by experienced, trained inspectors
  • Knowledgeable and experienced for DVIR and Roadability compliance
  • Chassis repairs by experienced, trained mechanics
  • FHWA chassis inspections and repairs by experienced mechanics
  • Container repair skills from “wind and water-tight” to fully refurbished
  • EDI capabilities for estimate approval and work order creation
  • EDI reporting for repair status
  • State of the art depot management system