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Q&A with Christina Dotson, Operations Supervisor – Houston

May 10, 2017

Introducing Christina (Chrissy) Dotson, Operations Supervisor for ContainerPort Group (CPG). The Houston native, loving wife and mother of one recently shared why she is excited to have joined CPG, how she has become a top performing logistics professional, and her role in CPG’s newest Gulf terminal location.
When did you being working with CPG and how did you know you were going to make a difference?
C.D. - "My first day with CPG was on May 2nd, 2017. I packed my bags to visit the corporate office in Cleveland, OH for initial training and knew I made the right decision before my flight left Houston. Every person I met in Cleveland had a wealth of knowledge and experience and I knew every employee believed in CPG’s mission. My entire career has been in logistics as I’ve worked my way up in the industry. My goals align with CPG’s Houston expansion and I am excited for the challenge."

You bring more than 11 years of industry experience. How did you grow professionally?
C.D. - "I have been able to wear many hats and learn all aspects of this business. I started out at the terminal level as a transportation coordinator which included dispatch and order entry. From there, I excelled and learned all facets of the terminal including, pricing, sales and oversight of terminal operations. I have a strong relationship with independent contractors and have what it takes to exceed expectations of customer service and support."

What are you most excited about as Operations Supervisor for CPG Houston?
C.D. - "At CPG, I will play an instrumental part in streamlining and improving processes for our newest terminal. I have learned in past experiences that you are only as good as your team, and I am surrounded by the BEST team and resources to grow our terminal. Our desired market, near Port Houston, is an opportunity to serve our clients in a booming region."

Tell us about your mentor(s)?
C.D. - "My mentors are my mom and my husband. My mom, as a single mother, has taught me the importance of prioritizing and organization. I’ve learned from her strength and how she overcame any obstacles that were in her way. She guides me every day and gives advice daily, whether for work or life in general."

"My husband started in the logistics industry 23 years ago. He has been a forwarder, has worked for multiple steamship lines, and most recently works as a clerk at Port Houston. He has taught me an immense amount about the industry and has steered me throughout the years with many discussions and decisions that have lead me to this great company today!"

What do you like to do for fun with your family?
C.D. - "On the weekends you can catch us at the Houston Zoo and we have season passes for a waterpark nearby in Spring, TX. We love hanging out on Lake Livingston where my mom and aunt both live, so the weekends are jam-packed in the summertime."

"Recently, my husband, 8-year-old daughter and I traveled to Disney World. This has been a favorite yearly family tradition of ours for years. We love FUN and make the time and effort every year to spend time at the theme park and create long lasting memories."

What might your co-workers not know about you?
C.D. -

  • "My favorite movie is Top Gun"
  • "I love country music"
  • "Fun Fact: I love mowing the grass"
  • "I am an open book. If you know me, you pretty much know everything"