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6 Essential Questions to Ask When Looking for a Reliable Cartage Company

November 8, 2017

If you’re in search of a reliable cartage company for your operation, there are a number of factors you should consider. To better help customers who are in the market for cartage services, ContainerPort Group decided to craft this list of important questions to ask of any business, and to supply what our answers would be for any potential clients.

1. Can you tell me about the experience your company has in cartage services and the intermodal field?

Before you partner with a company, you should know the breadth of their experience. ContainerPort Group has over 45 years of market experience and has risen to be a forerunner in the container shipping industry. Our commitment to efficient customer service, dedication to cutting edge transportation management systems and industry software, and our seasoned team of professionals can provide the cartage solutions you need.

Key aspects about CPG include:

  • A staff of over 400 intermodal experts
  • A fleet of over 650 independent contract drivers
  • 200,000+ annual container deliveries for customers
  • Proficient inspectors and mechanics
  • A nationwide network
  • A specialized chassis fleet

We encourage you to check these essential factors against competitors to see just how much ContainerPort Group can do for your operations.

2. How many locations do you provide cartage transport services for?

Another major inquiry on your checklist should be finding out all the locations a potential intermodal partner has a presence in so you can see if they correspond with your needs.

A company with a broad nationwide network can better facilitate your cross-country intermodal shipping needs, but also your cartage needs, since more locations means more potential for shipments within a given metropolitan area.

CPG’s nationwide network, which incorporates the largest network of container depots in the Midwest, has locations in 20 cities within 6 regions of the country:

  • South Atlantic Region
    • Atlanta
    • Greensboro
    • Savannah
  • North Atlantic Region
    • Baltimore
    • Buffalo
    • Newark
    • Norfolk
    • Philadelphia
  • Great Lakes Region
    • Chicago
    • Cleveland
    • Detroit
    • Indianapolis
  • Ohio Valley Region
    • Cincinnati
    • Columbus
    • Louisville
  • Midwest Region
    • Kansas City
    • Memphis
    • Louis
  • Gulf Region
    • Houston

Each of these locations offers unique capabilities for their cities and metropolitan areas, so be sure to check out the locations essential to your business in our dropdown menu above.

3. What are the full capabilities of your company? What services can you provide?

Intermodal transportation has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry and trucking continues to play an essential role in the nation’s economy. It would come as no surprise that the more an intermodal cartage company can offer your business, the more you’ll be able to benefit from this upward trend.

Services that ContainerPort Group can provide for our clients include:

  • Container trucking, drayage, and cartage
  • Local, regional and long haul
  • Container storage
  • Empty and loaded secure storage
  • Chassis storage and stacking or unstacking
  • CY/depot operations
  • Maintenance and repairs for chassis, containers, and trailers
  • Warehousing, distribution, and transloading logistics
  • ISO container sales, new and used
  • Equipment gate inspections
  • Logistics solutions
  • Supply chain technology and visibility solutions
  • Equipment inventory management
  • Rail ramp operations
  • 24/7, 365 days a year technical support

As you can see, choosing CPG for your cartage services provider can bring with it a host of additional benefits for your company.

4. What are the advantages I can expect for my business from using cartage solutions and other intermodal services?

Gaining an understanding of how an intermodal cartage company views their services can give you great insights into their abilities and values. Some of the advantages CPG can provide include the following:

  • Intermodal services are incredibly flexible, allowing for any needed combination of truck and rail transport to help customers balance budget and scheduling
  • The cost-effectiveness of intermodal is also extremely appealing, since moving containers by rail utilizes less fuel per TEU and long-distance rates are considerably less than trucking the total distance
  • Intermodal services are additionally environmentally responsible. According to CSX, a train is able to transport 1 ton of freight close to 450 miles using only a single gallon of fuel
  • Reliability is another key aspect of intermodal services. With drayage and cartage services operating over short distances, drivers can transport more loads in a given time period, leading to less possibility for driver shortages and constraints on capacity

For further benefits available from CPG’s intermodal services, visit our individual services pages.

5. What kinds of licensure does your company have?

Knowing key aspects of a company like their licensure and memberships can help you in determining which business to partner with. For ContainerPort Group, some of our licenses and memberships include:

  • 48-State Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier Authority
  • Canadian Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration & Authority
  • IANA Member
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)-compliant Fleet
  • S. Customs Bonded Motor Carrier
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Certified

For a complete look at our licenses and memberships, be sure to visit our qualifications page.

6. What recognitions have you received within the industry?

Going hand in hand with learning about licensure is discovering any awards and accolades a business has gained within their industry. For CPG, some of our most recent instances of industry recognition include:

  • 2015 Lowest OOS Percentage Award (awarded by CCM)
  • 2014 Carrier of the Year – Region One (awarded by Lowe's)
  • Platinum Carrier Award for 100% On-Time Service (awarded by Lowe's)
  • 2014 Container Yard of the Year – Midwest Region (awarded by Evergreen)
  • "Never Stop Improving Award" for Outstanding Customer Service in 2013 (awarded by Lowe's)
  • Recognition of Outstanding Service 2013 (awarded by Tate & Lyle)

To see a complete listing, visit our awards and accolades page.

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