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ContainerPort Group, Inc. (CPG) has been serving America's Heartland, global gateways and vital transportation corridors with multi modal solutions since its founding in 1971. As a pioneer in international and domestic container drayage - and with a reputation for safety and reliability, we continue to innovate the industry with our trucking, container depot operations, rail, warehousing and logistics operating east of the Rockies.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, CPG has specific divisions dedicated to Intermodal, Bulk, and Truckload and Logistics. No matter your cargo type – we have a seamless solution from the first to the last mile.

As a subsidiary of The World Group, CPG leverages over a half century of market experience dedicated to providing innovative cargo transportation and freight services while delivering the highest level of customer service available in the industry. The World Group provides seamless end-to-end solutions with maximum control of the supply chain.

Our Core Values

At ContainerPort Group, we are committed to sharing the following core values that shape our culture and our interactions with our owner/operators and customers.

  • We are People Oriented...and operate in a transparent, collaborative environment.
  • We are Family...and endeavor to do the right thing by respecting others and abiding by the golden rule.
  • We are Creative...and focus on delivering customer centric solutions.
  • We are Passionate...and professional.
  • We create Positive Energy...for our teams, families, customers, and suppliers - striving to develop lasting relationships.