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Core Values & Leadership

Our culture is fueled by our core values. They support our vision, shape customer experiences, and guide every decision we make as an organization. These core values go far beyond just “words” - they truly make up our culture.

  • We are people oriented and operate in a safety-first, transparent, collaborative environment.
  • We are family and endeavor to do the right thing by respecting others and abiding by the golden rule.
  • We are creative and focus on delivering customer centric solutions.
  • We are passionate and professional.
  • We create positive energy for our teams, families, customers, and suppliers – striving to develop lasting relationships.

ContainerPort Group fosters an open, cooperative, and dynamic environment in which everyone can thrive. Our open door policy ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and where employee, customer and business issues are promptly raised and resolved. Our employees and our customers have direct access to our executive team:

Richard McDuffie
Phone Number: 440-333-1330

Glenn A. Fehribach
Chief Financial Officer
Phone Number: 440-895-8142

Robert L. Leef
Senior Vice President, Intermodal Operations
Phone Number: 973-733-4990 x3228

Jim Sledd
Senior Vice President, Commercial
Phone Number: 678-850-0384

Joey Palmer
Vice President, Truckload & Logistics
Phone Number: 251-459-8596

Jordan Hunt
Vice President, Container Yard Services
Phone Number: 440-895-8158