Our People 

There is no “what” to our success. To us, it’s all in the “who.”

People First, Always

Our culture is founded on making each person feel like part of our family. No matter how much, how long or how often you’re working with us, we carve out space and time to ensure you have what you need for success. Our open-door environment is how employees thrive, and we spend time and effort upholding our core values in everything we do. Our people mean a lot to us because it’s you who truly drive success.

Contacting Our Team

Being an open, collaborative and transparent workplace means everyone has the opportunity to voice questions, concerns and ideas to better our culture and operations. And then we take it a step further, ensuring employees and customers alike have access to our leadership team’s direct lines.

  • Joey Palmer
    President of ContainerPort Group
    Phone Number: 251-459-8596

  • Bob Leef
    Senior Vice President of Commercial
    Phone Number: 973-733-4990 x3228

  • Jim Sledd
    Senior Vice President, Commercial Development
    Phone Number: 678-850-0384

  • Jon Urban
    Executive Vice President, Operations
    Phone Number: 708-458-0001 x4425

  • Amy Jantz
    Vice President, Safety
    Phone Number: 440-333-1330 x1113

  • Glenn Fehribach
    Chief Financial Officer
    Phone Number: 440-895-8142

  • Jackie Csiszar
    Vice President, Customer Experience
    Phone Number: 440-895-8296

Thank You Owner-Operators

CPG Director of Safety Amy Jantz shares her thanks with CPG owner-operators.

Looking to Drive?

The search stops here. We make sure our owner-operators can enjoy every mile of the open road by offering competitive pay, flexible routes and ample time home. Ride with us and drive the difference.

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