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Supporting Our Owner-Operators

Successful owner-operators don’t feel like numbers on the road. They feel like part of a family. From your first interaction with a CPG® recruiter to your last haul with us (or your last haul ever), we offer competitive pay, perks and optional benefits at every mile of the journey. We live by our people-first core values by offering the best owner-operator environment out there.

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With ContainerPort Group’s dependable and active customers, you can work for exactly the pay you want. We have freight ready to haul and opportunities for ambitious owner-operators to earn more, on top of our competitive rate.

We also pay weekly and on time, every time. New technology for our owner-operators’ tablets makes uploading paperwork and getting paid easier than ever. Welcome to driving in the digital age.

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It’s not (just) about the money. Our full list of perks includes:
  • Permits, insurance and plates provided.
  • The best fuel surcharges in the industry.
  • Fuel and highway taxes filed on your behalf.
  • Settlement deductions to help with direct insurance purchases.
  • Bobtail, physical damage and OC/AC insurance at group rates.
  • Medical and dental indemnity program at group rates. 
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Discount Marketplace

We’re proud to offer our owner operators a variety of discounts with some of the top brands around, simply for driving with CPG®. 


Optional Benefits

Yes, there’s more! We offer our owner-operators a medical and dental indemnity program through True North, a dedicated insurance provider specifically for truckers. Owner-operators can customize a health insurance plan for themselves, their spouses and their children to cover everything from prescriptions to hospital care.



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We’re ready for you. Driving with ContainerPort Group means your time and work are respected. We enjoy the open road as much as you do, and we strive to make sure you can enjoy it to the fullest. Ride with us and drive the difference.

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